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I am in the process of trying to cancel an account with – an account that I wasn’t even aware that I’d created. I’m normally a pretty suspicious person so when I agreed to a free trial of their service through I think I would’ve noticed (had it been written clearly) that I was signing up for a subscription service at 7.99 GBP per month.

So, be warned. If you’re looking at books on and you get offered a free trial with then you will in-fact be signing up for a monthly subscription service.

Because I’d gone via I didn’t create a username/password account with so now I find that I cannot actually log-in to to check my account status!

I have sent them an email cancelling my account and asking for a refund.

I would’ve looked at their service again and probably purchased a few audio books had they not been so sneaky. I think they offer a potentially good service but underhandedness like this immediately destroys my trust so I will NOT be using them EVER again.

It looks like I’m not the only person complaining: The Great Audible Scam

I’ll update this post with notes on how they progress with my complaint/subscription cancellation.

UPDATE: 30 Nov 2011: Well, I have to give their Customer Care people some credit – they replied to my email and cancelled my subscription. No acknowledgment of doing anything wrong of course… Being slightly conspiratorially minded their promptness makes me think that they’re used to dealing with such queries… hmmm…

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