MicroStrategy Cloud Personal

MicroStrategy have just released a consumerised version of their Cloud based visualisation tool Visual Insight. Within minutes anyone can slice and dice their spreadsheet data and build compelling dashboards that can be shared instantly.

“Smarter Than A Spreadsheet: You probably rely on spreadsheets to analyse and share data. Almost everyone does. But MicroStrategy Cloud Personal Edition is smarter. With just a few click, you can apply the power of visual intelligence to your data – graph it, slice it, filter it. It’s insight made simple.”

Of course the solution is also mobile with all the functionality available via an iPad application. Once you’ve created your interactive dashboard you can publish to a blog or share it using Facebook or Twitter.

MicroStrategy Cloud - Personal Edition

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal Edition uses MicroStrategy’s fast, reliable and secure Cloud Intelligence infrastructure. There’s no software to install or manage. You can upload and analyse your data in minutes. No more waiting for support from your IT department!

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