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New Motor Unboxing | Carver Earth | Nigel Pond – IT Consultant, Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), MicroStrategy Certified Engineer (MCE)

New Motor Unboxing | Carver Earth

In this video I’m unboxing the new 5kw motors I’ve purchased for the Carver. I had hoped that they would be a part of my upgrade plans but further investigation into how the Carver is built it may be the only way to get more speed out of it. One of the issues with homegrown upgrades for the Carver is that the tilting mechanism complicates things. With cars and bikes you don’t have this extra technology to deal with. The tilting mechanism itself – the DVC or Dynamic Vehicle Control board – is physically on the same PCB as the Battery Management System. This would make upgrading the battery pack to say, a 72 volt, system very difficult.

So, when I get some workshop space, I will still attempt to fit these motors but their efficacy will likely be limited. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 45 mph but we will see…

If you wish to find out more about the Carver Earth tilting electric trike please visit their website at: http://carver.earth

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