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Carver EV First Customer Drive | Nigel Pond – IT Consultant, Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), MicroStrategy Certified Engineer (MCE)

Carver EV First Customer Drive

Wow! What a privilege to be the first ever customer to test drive a new and exciting vehicle like the Carver. I was a little anxious and, if you look closely, you can see me shaking! It was great fun to drive and both myself and my wife were very impressed. Everyone at Carver made us feel very welcome and you could tell that they too are very excited for the launch of this new venture.

This generation, or re-invention, of the Carver is very different from the previous petrol driven Carver One. It’s not meant to be a replacement but it’s a new vehicle for a new era. With a global focus on the Climate Crisis and inner-city pollution Carver have come up with an innovative solution that allows people to commute safely and responsibly. With the added benefit that it will put a smile on their face!

I’m a motorcyclist of many years but I no longer want the faff of putting on and taking off all the safety gear. With the Carver I don’t have to wear any protective gear at all. OK, it’s not anywhere near as fast (currently limited to 28 mph) but it still puts a smile on my face every time I go out for a spin.

To find out more about the Carver EV, please visit their website at: http://carver.earth

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