Samsung Gear S3 video review number 1

***Apologies for the lack of focus***

This is a review of the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. I’ve only had the watch for 48 hours but wanted to get a review uploaded quickly.

One important thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that after wearing the watch for a full day yesterday there was only 15% battery left when I went to bed. This is a lot less than the 4-days mentioned by Samsung! I didn’t use the watch particularly heavily, in my opinion, as I was working. I did monitor my heart rate a few times and look at various notifications.

As I mention in the video I need to get used to using it in the gym. I need to become more familiar with the interface and perhaps configure it for my specific needs.

I had an interest experience whilst making my lunch; the watch notified my that I was doing a good job cycling… except I was mixing food in a bowl!

I also had use for the ‘find my phone’ option too: I was unpacking a box, looking for something, and when I found it I put all the contents back in the box – including my phone. So a few minutes later when I couldn’t find my phone I used the app on the watch to ping it… it worked! It would’ve taken me hours otherwise.

I’m no video producer and I don’t have the best filming kit but I hope you find the information useful nonetheless.

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