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It has been an exciting couple of months for me and my colleagues at MicroStrategy. Following on from our illustrious leader’s book The Mobile Wave and his blog Michael Saylor @ Michael.com we have fully embraced the Social/Mobile wave with the release of our new product line.

Our new products build upon our successful BI and web architecture:

Essential Mobile Business Apps that Deliver Workflows, Transactions, Multimedia, and Business Analytics.

Deploy Business Analytics Faster, Scale Bigger, Spend Less.

Empower Every Employee To Impact the Bottom Line With Agile Business Analytics.

Mobile Commerce Platform for Retailers.

The World’s Most Extensive Market Intelligence Network.

Eliminate Fraud, Protect Your Assets, and Secure Your Borders with Mobile Identity Solutions.

As the title of this post suggests, my chosen area of specialization is Alert. What we’ve developed here is a complete platform that enables retailers to become fully “mobile” within a matter of weeks. Whether the retailer has an existing online presence or not. Alert can integrate your existing online shopping experience, or provide you with a bespoke, native, solution. Alert also integrates existing loyalty and Point of Sale (POS) systems as well as providing industry leading Mobile Business Intelligence tools at the back end to enable greater insights into customer activity.

The platform also enables the retailer to add exclusive content to engage and encourage client up-take.

But, to me, the real selling point for Alert is that it is fully integrated with Facebook. By utilizing our Wisdom product Alert can link in with the retailers fan base and create specific targeted offers, coupons, tickets and messages by creating reusable market segments based on demographic, geographic and psychographic data.

You can see a successful deployment of alert by downloading the Tilly’s iPhone app here (it’s also available in Android): Tilly’s Mobile Alert Application

I definitely see exciting times ahead 🙂

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