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After having rather disturbing conversation with a Christian Minister about what Humanism was (they were very wrong in their understanding which isn’t surprising) I thought I would bring to your attention the following article from the British Humanist Society’s newsletter:

The really simple guide to Humanism is a new online learning resource that has been created to help the wider public understand humanism. The interactive website has already had over 1500 visitors since its launch and offers simple answers to the most frequently asked questions about Humanism. The website also features videos of humanists including writers Sue Blackmore, Zoe Margolis and David Nobbs, neurobiologist Colin Blakemore, comedians Ed Byrne and Lucy Porter, philosopher A C Grayling [Auther of The Good Book – a secularist/humanist bible], and journalist Polly Toynbee.

You can visit the website at:

World Community Grid.

I was thinking of ways to volunteer for charity but being a bit lazy I didn’t get round to it. Instead I remembered that I had participated in the distributed computing initiative organised by the World Community Grid where you install some software on your computer that utilizes your free CPU cycles when you’re not using them. I had been given a computer that I thought would be good utilize for this task so I stuck a new hard drive in it, installed the latest version of Fedora Linux (15) and got the BOINC software up and running.

Being a little obsessive I decided to install the software on our Windows XP machine, a notebook running Linux and another Laptop (Quad Core i7, 8GB RAM!) too. I now sit back, very satisfied of all this number crunching that I’m doing for various projects such as:

Fight Aids at home.
Childhood Cure For Cancer.
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy
Human Proteome Folding (whatever that is!)
Computing For Clean Water

I strongly recommend you offering up your free CPU cycles for such worthy causes. You can create an account and get the software here:

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