Outcomes from MicroStrategy World 2011

MicroStrategy World this year focussed on four topics. These were:

Big Data

Companies are gathering more data than ever before, and are finding it increasingly challenging to use this data to make informed business decisions. MicroStrategy’s BI platform, known for its ability to access big data, can help companies uncover and leverage rich consumer insights from large volumes of data. Visual Insight, a new data exploration feature of the MicroStrategy platform, was showcased. With Visual Insight, business people can uncover data insights in less than 30 minutes using highly interactive visualizations, and without an support from IT.


Latest developments in MicroStrategy Mobile capability. Learn more here: MicroStrategy Mobile


MicroStrategy Cloud – The first cloud service purpose-built for the world’s largest data volumes, high concurrency, and high performance. To learn more visit: MicroStrategy Cloud

Social Intelligence for Enterprise.

The MicroStrategy World conference included the first European Summit on Social Media Monetization. MicroStrategy CEO & President Micheal Saylor unveiled MicroStrategy Gateway which is the only data synchornization system enabling connectivity and communication between Facebook and enterprise systems. Enabling the enterprise to plug-in to the Facebook social graph.

Find out more here: Social Intelligence for the Enterprise

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